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Jebel Tarik Security is built on traditional values of hard work, ethical relationships, and honesty. We are a quality-driven company providing the highest products and most dependable professional security services available in the area.

Jebel Tarik Security has committed its energies to a policy of teamwork, reciprocal understanding and growth in the long-term business relationships with our customers and employees alike.

We look forward to the future with great confidence hoping to win over new clients and security partners and would like to thank all of our current customers for their support thus far. We endeavour to be the preferred solution for all whom we serve and pledge to conduct our business with uncompromising honesty, wisdom, discretion, confidentiality and sound judgement. This commitment extends to customers, employees, and to the countries, communities and the industries with which we do business.

These are the ways we Support you

We Protect, Secure, Guard and Serve

Mobile and Static Guards

Do you have a problem with vandals and thieves periodically targeting your property, staff that leave doors open on departure, or do you need to ensure the well-being of your staff?

Mobile security patrols may be the answer. Jebel Tarik's mobile security patrol services are available in all areas of Gibraltar. Security patrols and mobile lock ups are a cost-effective method of ensuring the security and integrity of your sites, providing visual deterrents to those who could potentially cause you or your property any harm.

Please feel free to contact Jebel Tarik Security today to find which of our mobile security patrol options is best tailored to meet your specific needs.


Cash In Transit

Jebel Tarik Security's Cash in Transit operation provides secure and reliable transportation of money to and from any location in Gibraltar in our custom designed armoured vehicle. Our services are tailored to suit the requirements of the customer giving you the "peace of mind" of knowing that your valuables are being transported in a secure fashion.

Customers who use Jebel Tarik Security Cash in Transit services gain the benefit of:

*  Reducing your exposure to robberies and losses
*  Protecting your staff from potential harm
*  Collections and deliveries at your convenience
*  Possible reduction in insurance premiums


Close Protection Officers

Bodyguards protect individuals or groups at risk of violence or kidnapping. They also protect people from any situation that could be harmful to them.

Clients can include any high net worth individuals and is not limited to politicians, heads of industry, TV, film and music celebrities, or royalty. Our work typically includes:

*  Protecting clients from threats, for example from terrorists, political opponents, stalkers or over-enthusiastic fans
*  Security threat assessment of premises before clients arrive
*  Planning and research to identify and prevent potential threat or disruption
*  Staying constantly alert and reacting to threatening situations
*  Accompanying clients on business and social visits
*  Driving clients securely to and from venues.



Jebel Tarik Security provides CCTV installations, monitoring, maintenance, servicing and ongoing support. Individual CCTV security camera systems will be tailor-made to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Working with leading technology experts in the market we provide the most advanced CCTV systems and various security cameras ranging from complex multi-camera systems, a single security camera or IP cameras, all of which can be viewed remotely, by network access or mobile app. Our experience with leading edge technology enables us to provide you with guidance and support during all parts of the implementation process.

Whether you need a small CCTV security camera system to monitor a shop with only a few security cameras, or a large-scale facility installation requiring numerous types of security cameras and other CCTV equipment - we can provide it.

We can also install and service Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), Network Video Recorders (NVRs), monitors, servers, and remote access though ADSL/VDSL/fibre and networks. Jebel Tarik Security will support, maintain and upgrade your system throughout its complete life cycle.

We are also able to upgrade, service and maintain components of your existing CCTV system.

Yachts and Superyachts

Protect your yacht - one of your most valuable assets. Whilst many admire it, others view it as an attractive target. Our specialist yacht protection services keep everyone at bay and deter those that come too close for comfort.

Through our experienced in-house operatives, we provide security services for yachts of all sizes. They range from implementing technical security systems to providing physical security and performing high-risk transits.

We work hard to lighten the load on all crew. By working closely with and supporting your yacht's captain – who retains total control – we can help them with their tasks and responsibilities.

If required, we can supplement your crew with experienced security personnel when berthed and for transits and relocations. This reduces your risk and allows the crew to take hard-earned leave or rest, giving you complete peace of mind that your asset and crew are completely protected.


Building Sites

Equipment theft is a major source of loss to all contractors. While insurance may offset some of the financial costs of this loss, many uninsured costs are paid by all contractors. These costs include insurance deductibles, replacing depreciated items with new equipment, and production delays, paperwork and time in reporting and replacing stolen equipment.

The bottom line is that equipment theft costs money and impairs your ability to offer competitive pricing. Secure equipment means secure business.

Contractors with inadequate equipment security are easy theft targets. Their major concern is to protect against tool and equipment theft. In some cases, the difference between profit and loss on construction projects depends on successfully preventing theft losses.

Jebel Tarik Security is the leading company in this field and is the preferred security supplier for all the major construction companies in Gibraltar.


Airport Security

The Jebel Tarik Security team includes professionals who are trained to implement and supervise security programs in airports. We are trained to inspect, monitor, and screen all passengers to make sure that safety is maintained. Security protocols cover passengers, staff and aircrew along with baggage, vehicles and the complete airport environment.

We specialise in Shore to Ship to Shore transfers

The skills required:
*  Having good communication skills
*  Being able to work under pressure
*  Awareness of correct manual handling principles
*  Being able to follow and give directions
*  Having good memory
*  Being able to work with a team
*  Having high attention to details
*  Being flexible
*  Having customer service skills
*  Being physically fit



Jebel Tarik Security brings together state of the art technology and a highly professional, certified staff with the depth of knowledge and experience needed to provide and maintain the most advanced and reliable maritime security tailored to the needs of each respective maritime company, shipping line, ship-owner and governments served.

*  Key competencies include:
*  Ensuring protective measures on-board
*  Supporting crew and officers in high-risk waters
*  Familiar with the maritime working environment
*  Security related navigation skills
*  Boarding and defensive operations
*  Security and safety drills
*  Knowledge of the ISPS Code and Standards
*  The ability to train and mentor crews
*  Best Management Practice (BMP) implementation

How we Deliver for you

We Protect, Secure, Guard and Serve

When you’re looking for a fast efficient towing service that understands all vehicles are an asset and they need to be treated with care, we offer removal, repossessions and compound services to HMGOG, private estates and individuals.


Our staff are experienced with remotely monitoring all types of electronic security systems. This includes access control, CCTV, alarm monitoring and building management systems to include vehicle, staff and contractor movements.


Our hand-picked, trained, vetted team are at your disposal. Regular training courses including Security Industry Authority certification (SIA) means that our team will always deliver the service you require and deserve adhering to the UK standards which is over and above local legislative requirements.


Perimeter security regulates, directs and restricts the flow of persons and traffic to and from your site. Perimeter barriers are your first line of prevention and deterrence, so the appearance, operation and durability of your site boundary is important.


Proper perimeter security fencing is paramount for the effective enclosure of your assets. Bespoke solutions of reinforced fencing ensures the restriction and control of movement in and out of the location or area.


We provide wheel clamping services for the management of private parking areas and estates. Our dedicated team allow you to tackle illegal and unauthorised parking with the aim to deter future offending.


Overseen by the senior management team, our high-availability infrastructure and experience ensures that your security systems and alarms are run, maintained, monitored and responded to in a quick and efficient manner.


Installation of Charge Points from initial assessment and site work clearance all the way through to final testing and commissioning, signage, handover, monitoring and maintenance.


Whether your requirement is for a simple barrier for relatively low volume usage, a heavy duty barrier for frequent operation, or a motorised barrier that can operate at high speeds for particularly busy premises, we will design and install a system to meet your needs.


Our extensive range of security bollards and barriers offer cost effective security and safety solutions for commercial properties and industrial sites, from static heavy duty barriers to telescopic anti-ram raiding barriers and posts to prevent nuisance parking.

Helping you achieve Best Practice

We Protect, Secure, Guard and Serve

Location Security Reports and Threat Assessments

Our consultants provide tailored, accurate independent business threat assessments for businesses, investors, insurance companies and other commercial organisations.

We want you to be able to make properly informed decisions, confident in the knowledge that whatever environment you are operating in you have been properly appraised of the potential threats to your investments, operations, personnel or assets and the appropriate steps have been taken to avoid, mitigate or eliminate those threats.

Our services are requirement driven and individually tailored, providing timely, predictive, relevant, accurate, reliable and unbiased threat assessments on a one off, weekly, monthly or continual basis.

Health and Safety Training

Health & Safety needs to underpin every aspect of your business operation, regardless of your company size. We all have a legal obligation and duty of care to our employees and members of the public to ensure that preventative measures are in place to reduce the likelihood of accidents.

For a fraction of the cost of having to employ a dedicated health and safety manager of your own, you can give yourself complete peace of mind with our retainer service. Use our consultants to safeguard your staff, protect your reputation, achieve safety excellence and compliance while giving you complete peace of mind.

Physical and Electronic Security

Physical security is the protection of personnel, hardware, software, networks and data from physical actions and events that could cause serious loss or damage to your company, organisation or yourself. This includes protection from fire, flood, natural disasters, burglary, theft, vandalism and terrorism.

Our engineers are trained on a multitude of software, hardware and IT solutions to enhance the service offerings we provide to our clients. We specialise both in the consultancy for system design and in the support of existing solutions. The result is reliable zero-downtime delivery of your high security and mission critical systems.

Business Consultancy

Bringing information to life for your business. Good business is built on understanding and in every business today there are a series of imperatives at work. All businesses must grow, they need to operate as efficiently as possible, and they have to make the best use of information and technology if they are to stay competitive within their markets.

Our partner company D&D Consulting represents a range of services based on our understanding of business needs and designed to address them directly. From process optimisation and IT administration, to change management and project management, we're dedicated to bringing information to life for your business.

Retail Security

In retail, you want your products to fly off the shelves and out the door - but only after they've been paid for. You can't make a profit if your merchandise is free. As retailers, you are constantly struck by outside influences out of your control. Rising cost of living, less consumer spending and increases in operating expenses erode profits. But what you can control are methods of loss prevention. Preventing shoplifting, stopping employee theft and reducing shrinkage can help ensure your retail store is keeping the most revenue possible.

Jebel Tarik Security can advise on store layout, adequate inventory controls and best security practices to combat shoplifting. Become familiar with the categories of thieves, common shoplifting methods, and know what to look for in customers who exhibit strange behaviour. Find out how to spot a thief.

Security Doors

Jebel Tarik Security are partnered with the best door supplier in the industry - Efaflex.

Efaflex high-speed doors are designed for being used very frequently. Design characteristics such as the patented spiral technology and precision weight balance provide for a long service life. This range of roller doors, roller shutter doors and high speed doors includes the world's fastest vertical door with an opening speed of up to 4 m/s.

These door systems are especially designed for use in high traffic. They function under constant pressure to perform both function and reliably at all times.

Regular servicing is essential if your door system is to remain fully functional. Industrial doors should be periodically inspected to make sure they are operating effectively and efficiently. We can provide the service you need no matter whether your power-operated door is from Efaflex or another manufacturer.

Jebel Tarik Security in the Community

We are fully committed to the People of Gibraltar

  • Every fancied dropping out of a plane? We do and this is our chance to do it whilst supporting Cancer Research Gibraltar.
  • Not only will we free-fall from 12,000ft, at 120mph for over a minute, but we’ll be supporting some ground-breaking research projects, which are some of the most innovative in the world.

    For this event, we aim to raise a minimum of £1000 in sponsorship.

  • Imagine standing at the edge of an open doorway in an aircraft flying at 12,000 feet – the noise of the engines and the wind ringing in your ears with only the outline of distant fields below. Now imagine leaning forward out of that doorway and letting go – falling forward into the clouds, diving down through the air as you start free-falling at over 120mph!Imagine being able to do this for FREE whilst harnessed to a professional free-fall parachute instructor and at the same time being able to help a national charity!

  • Jebel Tarik Security supported the Gibraltar Branch of Cancer Research UK (CRUK) when they held an Abseil on Saturday 1st September at Europort Building 6, raising and donating funds for the local charity.
  • The Abseil was organised by volunteers and supervised by both the Gibraltar Fire & Rescue Service and the Airport Fire & Rescue Service.

  • Cancer Research UK fund scientists, doctors and nurses to help beat cancer sooner. They also provide cancer information to the public.
  • Their policy development team develops evidence-based policy to inform UK Government decisions related to cancer and research.

  • This collaborative aim between Cancer Research UK Gib Branch and The Ministry of Infrastructure & Planning is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle by also encouraging and promoting cycling within our community.

    Being physically active and enjoying a healthy lifestyle definitely helps to reduce some types of cancers.

  • "I hope that by proactively encouraging, not only an increase awareness of the work that said charity carries out, but also by being able to promote a healthier lifestyle which includes exercise and therefore contributing to a greener environment through sustainable travel, we may be able to start to instil change.".
    Hon. Paul Balban
    Minister for Infrastructure and Planning

Who we Partner with

Carefully choosing the best team

Smart Parking is a world leader in the design, development and management of parking technology enabling clients to manage on-street and off-street parking efficiently and cost-effectively.
We’ve been transforming the parking experience and increasing revenues for a huge range of clients for over ten years.


Gibraltar Parking Management Services Ltd fulfils HMGoG contracts including local Traffic Warden duties, clamping and towing, and border traffic control.

Other contracts include the Redibike bicycle hire scheme


D&D Consulting provides all of your business and project management consultancy needs. With sector-leading experts from all areas of the economy, we can guide you through everything from ISO certification to building construction; from network design to estate and marina management. D&D Consulting are your pre-built team.


Efaflex is the premier brand manufacturer of high-speed doors and the unchallenged technology leader. Efaflex industrial doors are available in different variants including spiral doors, roll-up doors, folding doors, clean room doors, freezer doors, machine protection doors and bespoke designs.


Global Agency Company is a well-established agency providing specialist shipping and associated services to international clients from our base in Gibraltar.

Situated at one of the main waterways of the world for international maritime transport, Global Agency Company is proud to be part of Gibraltar’s shipping industry.


We provide our customers with great quality, made to measure suits to their unique liking at tax free, cheaper prices than U.K. and custom made uniforms to the company's requirements in large or small quantities. Great quality suits and uniforms to the customers liking and requirements.


Wastage Products Ltd. provides specialist waste disposal services to the shipping industry, both for the private and public sectors and for the Ministry of Defence. Services include the collection and disposal of waste oil/sludge, and general garbage; tank cleaning, tank integrity testing and gas free certification.

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We Protect, Secure, Guard and Serve

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